Hedda Adler's Skin Care Treatments

Hedda is the recipient of the highest international award in aesthetics,
the C.I.D.E.S.C.O Diplomat Award.

“Receiving a face treatment from Hedda Adler is like being blessed in heaven.
Hedda is the most thorough facial expert I have encountered in my 25 years of going for treatments all over the world.”

— Gitta Sivander, Dynamic Presentation Coach, Marin, CA

Hedda Adler is a master skin-care expert and wellness leader.
Serving the needs of professional women for over 40 years, her stellar reputation for helping women look 5-10 years younger in only a few visits has earned her the loyalty of many devoted clients around the world. In response to the growing concerns of her clients who are moving through divorce, separation or other traumatic situations, she founded the “Courageous Women in Transition” Meet Up Group, which now has more than 250 members in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

“I studied the Arts of Skin Care, Health and Wellness in my home country Germany, as well as France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.  I am a C.I.D.E.S.C.O. diplomat, which is the highest international degree awarded in Aesthetics.”

Hedda Alder is also the founder and director of the Ageless Living Academy.

My Custom Tailored Treatments

Skin Care addressing the special concerns and needs of women and men alike.

Custom Face Treatment with 1st time consultation
105 min -  $150

Hedda’s Signature Rejuvenation - Face /Body
90 min - $250  

Time Return - Face / Body
90 min - $250

Age Repair
85 min - $180

Rosacea Calm
85 min - $150
Ultimate Hydration

85 min - $165

Oxygen Rejuvenation
75 min - $150

Variety of Acid Peels
30 min - $95

Chemical Peels
(patch test required)
50 min - $95+

65 min - $150

65 min - $150

Ultrasound & Light Therapy
20 min - $65

Lymphatic Circulation - Face
30 min - $75

Lymphatic Circulation - Body
40 min - $85 

Lymphatic Circulation Face &  Body

40 min - $145 ____________________________________________________________