Ageless Living Wealth Academy

Time and Location To Be Announced

Hosted by Hedda Adler, author of Ageless, 5 Keys to Miraculous Life at Any Age is a pioneer in Ageless Living. She is an award-winning author, international speaker, wellness consultant and recipient of the highest Aesthetics degree in the world; the prestigious CDESCO Certification.

For over 45 years Hedda has been supporting women and men to look and feel younger. She is rewriting the outlived and dangerous societal beliefs about aging, bringing new ideas, research and inspiring stories to instill in the hearts of her readers and students a fresh vision of Ageless Living.

The Ageless Living Wealth Academy provides an exciting experience in freeing yourself from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual limitations. The Academy is a training in new beliefs, effective skills and community building. Learning in loving groups is a vital key to thriving in an Ageless Life.