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5 Keys to a Miraculous Life at Any Age

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     My goal is to invite you enjoy your long life, examine and rewrite your beliefs about aging. I want you to examine centuries old conditioning, cultural dictates and rules of behavior that have shaped the landscape of your understanding of human aging.

     I believe you have a new kind of choice in front of you as you move through time and space. You may either comply to how you “should” biologically respond to the passing of time, obeying the dictates of aging as defined by our current culture or you can choose to shift your focus and occupy your body/mind space with ever increasing worthiness, richness and passion. Here you can embody your own response to a self-actualized life that is vibrantly independent. I view this choice as a powerful tool that frees you to create and enjoy a new kind of culture, with new arts, beliefs, customs and institutions. An ageless living culture will integrate your journey from childhood, youth, adulthood through old age, becoming a seamless adventure of ever increasing competence and value.

     Awakening your ageless nature is an emerging technology that is rewriting the cultural behavior codes that have kept billions of human beings in a trance of heedless compliance. Behavior codes are embedded in our culture and embedded inside your body and mind. Ageless living is reshaping the social perception of reality itself, which is the core ordering function of human culture. We agree to agree on the “way things are.” This new rewriting of the human operating system is creating a new “reality” inside a holistic approach to health.  This approach is rooted in the ancient idea that healing is most effective when the whole person is considered, rather than focusing on specific body parts, illnesses, or symptoms. As Socrates stated in the 4th century B.C., “the part can never be well unless the whole is well.” In it mind and body are not separate and even the assumption that the mind is in the brain is overwritten with a new code that operates in a radically different worldview. It is far from the worldview of previous generations.
     Inside this holistic reality, the new code is being composed and tested in research laboratories, universities, companies, sports centers, large and small learning groups and individuals. Not only are the lifespans of human beings are being lengthened, but the quality of life is being re-coded with new values and new beliefs. These point towards a new vision of life on earth in which humans are thriving in longer and longer lifespans. This book touches on some of these new “codes” and I encourage you to use them to experiment with yourself. Code a new reality, write a unique command sequence that will unlock your unique potential. Erase and write over dysfunctional habits that perhaps have long held you in place.

     In the following chapters you will learn how to enjoy living the longer lives we are able to live today. I will share with you my story of overcoming the spell of complying with the cultural conditioning I was exposed to in my home country of Germany. I explore many of the cultural programs we are up against as we shake off limiting beliefs and constricting habits of thought. Important areas in learning to enjoy your long life are; the medicine of the future, the impact of the coming ageless revolution and understanding how valuable and joyful it can be to learn and evolve in groups.   
     Creating new stories of your self-worth will be explored. My skin care chapter will provide some useful insights for you into this vital area of self-care. You have always been a creative being. Now with the world’s knowledge at your fingertips you are more powerful than at any time in modern history. This power can be focused and directed to living long and living well. It is my hope that this book inspire and uplift you to design and live your life in new transforming ways.