Ageless Longevity in 90 Days
with  Hedda Adler (Limited to 20 Women)



Stay Youthful and Attractive at ANY AGE, without wasting time and resources

on gyms, ineffective diets and plastic surgery



Hedda Adler is an international speaker, award-winning author, wellness mentor and skin-care expert. She is expanding and deepening the idea of longevity and exposing the deficiencies of our current “aging beliefs.” She is a recipient of the C.I.D.E.S.C.O.* Diplomat Certification Award; the world’s most prestigious International Certification Award in Aesthetics. Hedda mastered the arts of Skin Care, Health and Wellness in her home country of Germany, as well as France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. She has attracted a large and loyal following throughout her 40 years of supporting tens of thousands of women worldwide not only to look and feel their best, but to mentally and physically turn back “the aging clock.” Hedda is a pioneering leader in the increasingly significant shift in beliefs and attitudes that she calls

“The Ageless Living Revolution.”


"In Ageless, Hedda Adler offers a vision of life that’s free from society’s negative beliefs about aging. A courageous pioneer in ageless living, Hedda challenges you to rethink the meaning of your current age and open your mind and heart to create a life of miracles at any age. This powerful message is simple and timely:  You’ll be limited and trapped by inherited beliefs about aging unless you make an educated effort to free yourself. Once free, you can happily live a longer life with greater health, energy and meaning. At 70, Hedda is a shining example of what’s possible for each of us."                                                — Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul



“Receiving a face treatment from Hedda Adler is like being blessed in heaven. Hedda is the most thorough facial expert I have encountered in my 25 years of going for treatments all over the world. She uses every minute to give attention to what your skin needs, while also wholeheartedly attending to you as a whole being. I always leave Hedda’s office feeling recharged, uplifted and energized. If I were to live out of state, I would fly in to come and get a treatment from Hedda!”

— Gitta Sivander, dynamic presentation coach, Marin, CA

Hedda Adlar is one of the foremost aestheticians in the country. I have been going to her for over 25 years for my skin care treatments and she has been instrumental in keeping my skin looking radiant and young. Her knowledge, her techniques, her products and her passion about skincare and anti-aging is unsurpassed!” — Freddi


Hedda Adler   
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What’s Included in the Longevity Program;

All portions of the program are designed to work in harmony with each other,

as such, the items are only offered here as an All- Inclusive Program of Transformation.



Items Included in the Ageless Longevity 90 Days Program



Initial 2 Hour Assessment Consultation Call or Meeting



6 Customized Face Treatments with Hedda Adler - 1 Every Two Weeks



6 Lymphatic Circulation Treatments - 1 Every Two Weeks



12 One-On-One Mentor Calls - 1 Each Week of the Program



12 Electro-Medical Micro-Circulation Enhancement Treatments -1 per week



1 High-quality Tri-fold Dave Hall Cellerciser (mini-trampoline)



1 hour Training and Instruction on the Cellerciser with Hedda Adler



Bonus -2 -30 Minute Group Training Calls with Dave Hall and Hedda Adler



Bonus -Ticket to attend Hedda’s Ageless Mastermind Event (Date TBD)



Bonus - Access to the Ageless Living 6-Part Video Series

Here Hedda walks you through the 6 Ageless Mindset Mastery Skills and supports your understanding of the revolution that is underway.

As an added bonus 3 Audio Recordings are included.



Total Value



Special CEO SPACE MEMBERS Discount  $1800- Grand Total



Payment Terms; A one-time payment of the full amount will be paid prior to the start of the program. Also before and after photos will be taken to support the program with mutual consent.


As a BONUS, for those of our  graduates who wish to continue their transformations, a renewal of this program for another 90 days is offered at a discount of 20% - minus the cost of the Dave Hall Cellerciser.  90 Day Renewal Offer is $2,880  (Limited to 10 people only)


Hedda Adler   San Francisco, CA
© 2018 Hedda Adler      925-980-4773