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Cooking Healthily

Tools We Cook With

"You are NOT what you eat, you are what you digest and assimilate."
 ~ Tony Robbins

    Any professional will tell you the quality of the tools they use plays a significant role in the results they achieve. For some, such as doctors, the tools they use every day must meet very high material standards. For instance, the metals used in the various tools in an operating room are of high quality steel, yet an even higher quality of steel is used in metal hip replacements and other metal pins which remain for years in human bodies. These metal alloys even though expensive cannot be replaced by lesser metals. There are large amounts of research now on how metals react to human tissues and cells.

    How does this relate to the tools we cook with you may wonder? Well, almost all our primary cooking tools are made of metal alloys, which most of us are not well educated about. In the US, cookware is completely unregulated, so many products made with metals and coatings that are banned from use in other countries are sold here with the naive perception that  they are perfectly safe because they are in the marketplace. But nothing could be further from the truth. Many are leaching highly toxic poisons directly into our food and millions of well meaning families who are buying quality ‘organic’ foods are tragically compromising their own health and the wellbeing of their families. Shoddy companies pushing shoddy goods on an uninformed population is shameful and unprofessional.

    Not only are we, as a nation, poorly educated about nutrition, but even our doctors, on average, still receive less than 10 hours of nutritional education during their entire 4-6 years of medical school and internships. Only the very highest quality cookware is free from leaching damaging heavy metals and toxic chemicals into your food every time you cook. You may be inadvertently poisoning yourselves and your families. This poisoning, because it is ongoing, can have very serious consequences. Therefore, I highly recommend that you educate yourself on the materials you use to cook with and get familiar with the various health and safety issues. These are tools you use everyday and you need to be aware of the quality or lack of quality they possess.

    High quality metals can also dramatically affect what happens to the nutrition in our foods, before, during and after cooking. Often, the simple overheating of our foods in the cooking process can destroy and rob us of over 90% of the nutritional benefit. It takes some education to discover the art of cooking with quality metal cookware so that you maintain the optimum nutritional value and have no leaching of toxic metals and chemicals. I can assure you it is well worth the effort. Not only will you have more strength and vitality but in using only high quality metal cookware you will delight every time you use it, knowing that you are safe and have stopped the slow poisoning coming from inferior products. I feel it is tragic that companies which have their products banned because of proven health risks in other countries would go on to sell them in ‘unregulated’ countries such as the United States.