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Gallery of Event Photos

This is a selection of photos from recent events that have shaped my life.


Dave Hall with Hedda Adler

The inventor of the "Cellerciser."

Dr. Herb Akers

Dr. Akers is a healer.

Dr. Akers is a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, an Applied Kinesiologist and medical Intuitive. He is founder and developer of the Art of Matrix-ReGeneration, a healing approach that combines traditional healing with the understanding of quantum physics.


Jack Canfield

As the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, Jack Canfield fostered the emergence of inspirational anthologies as a genre - and watched it grow to a billion dollar market. As the driving force behind the development and delivery of more than 123 million books sold through the Chicken Soup for the Soul® franchise (and over 500 million copies in print worldwide), Jack Canfield is uniquely qualified to talk about success.

Behind the empire Time Magazine called the "publishing phenomenon of the decade" is America's leading expert in creating peak performance for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, sales professionals, corporate employees, and educators. Over the last 30 years, his compelling message, empowering energy and personable coaching style has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals achieve their dreams.

Vishen Lakhiani

Entrepreneur, education technology innovator, speaker, investor and philanthropist he is the founder and CEO of MindValley.

"We are ambitiously determined to push humanity forward by empowering our audience to live healthier and happier lives, to unleash their fullest potential – to be extraordinary. How? Nelson Mandela affirmed it: with the most powerful tool of all – education. 

We want to change education globally and provide innovative, holistic education for all levels – from infant learning and high school models to all stages of adulthood. Our ultimate goal? To launch a school of growth and humanity for a billion people."

Matt Kahn

Hearing Matt Kahn speak is like finding a long lost soul brother. His loving presence and wisdom have supported my spiritual journey for years now.

Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart is a business coach, the Author of the book Focus, and the founder of The Creative Track, a business training and mentoring company that helps coaches, holistic practitioners and heart centered service providers to attract more ideal clients, build a leveraged business model and grow to the six figure level and beyond.

Sean has been a featured expert on NBC news, Fox News and in The New Times and with15 years experience as a public speaker he inspires entrepreneurs around the country to achieve their highest business and life ambitions. You can learn more about him by visiting:

ann randolf and miranda macpherson

Ann is an award-winning playwright and performer. Her current solo show, LOVELAND played for two years straight in San Francisco where it won the SF Weekly Award for “Best Solo Show” and garnered the SF Bay Critic’s Award for “Best Original Script.”  LOVELAND also played to sell out audiences in LA and won the LA Weekly award for “Best Solo Show.”

Miranda Macpherson is known for her depth of presence and refined capacity to guide others into direct experience of the Sacred. Within a tangible atmosphere of unconditional love, she teaches and transmits a synthesis of self-inquiry, devotion, meditation and psychological wisdom that embraces every aspect of our humanity as a gateway home

dr. jean houston

I had the honor to work with Dr. Houston for three days at the Institute for Noetic Science in Petaluma, CA shortly after my divorce, which changed me and my life dramatically.

Jean Houston, Ph.D.

“In our time we have come to the stage where the real work of humanity begins.

It is the time where we partner Creation in the creation of ourselves, in the restoration of the biosphere, the regenesis of society and in the assuming of a new type of culture; the culture of Kindness.

Herein, we live daily life reconnected and recharged by the Source, so as to become liberated and engaged in the world and in our tasks.” 

--Jean Houston

Dr. Larry Dossey

This distinguished Texas physician, deeply rooted in the scientific world, has become an internationally influential advocate of the role of the mind in health and the role of spirituality in healthcare. Bringing the experience of a practicing internist and the soul of a poet to the discourse, Dr. Larry Dossey offers panoramic insight into the nature and the future of medicine.

We are at the 2016 Science and Non-Duality Conference in San Jose, CA

Australian Tony Robbins Training


tina Malia

Tina is an internationally renown singer/songwriter.

jil love and hedda

Internationally known activism artist Jil Love and Hedda Adler

jil love, dave hall and hedda


jil love and hedda


Gary Malkin 1.jpg

Gary Malkin

Gary is the Emmy award-winning composer whose music enhances the powerful CD Graceful Passages. It addresses such themes as letting go, closure, expressing love, forgiveness, appreciation of life, and continuity of spirit from interfaith viewpoints. It models compassionate communication, helping people be present with themselves and their loved ones during challenging times. Also the instrumental version provides an evocative meditation.

Jack canfield

As the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, Jack Canfield fostered the emergence of inspirational anthologies as a genre - and watched it grow to a billion dollar market. As the driving force behind the development and delivery of more than 123 million books sold through the Chicken Soup for the Soul® franchise (and over 500 million copies in print worldwide), Jack Canfield is uniquely qualified to talk about success.

Behind the empire Time Magazine called the "publishing phenomenon of the decade" is America's leading expert in creating peak performance for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, sales professionals, corporate employees, and educators. Over the last 30 years, his compelling message, empowering energy and personable coaching style has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals achieve their dreams.


Internationally known teacher, educator and dynamic movement expert, it would be virtually impossible for you to find an even closely qualified expert in the world like Gitta in what she does.

Having taught her expression techniques in 7 countries to hundreds of top professional movers and shakers, global speakers and executive leaders, Gitta is regarded often as the secret weapon.

CathErInE Butler

Catherine is a seasoned and insightful documentary writer and producer, Catherine has a record of success crafting award-winning long and short-form digital media for television, corporate, educational, non-profit and NGO clients for over fifteen years.

An award-winning documentary writer and producer, Catherine's had the joy of creatively collaborating with talented media teams around the world to craft, produce, and deliver engaging and impactfull programming for broadcast, theatrical, events, and online release.


Stephane Krsmanovic and Nicolas d'Offray introduced the revolutionary light-therapy glasses, "PSIO" to the US market. We enjoyed Joel, their friend and the amazing education. We are enjoying our enhanced concentration, memorization, creativity and focus. If you like to hear more about PSIO please call me.

Stéphane Krsmanovic

Back in 1984, Stéphane Krsmanovic started researching states of consciousness at the Free University of Brussels (ULB) as part of his PhD studies in sports psychology under the guidance of Professor Van Fraechem-Raway. Originally specialised in the brain's ability to learn complex movements, Stéphane Krsmanovic gradually began to shift his focus to techniques to develop successful performance both in competitive and corporate environments.

In 1984 and 1985, he studied the effects of sensory isolation on memory, concentration and learning. He then started investigating the effects of sensory hyperstimulation (i.e. variable-frequency audiovisual stimulation). His research revealed remarkable effects on cerebral and information processing capabilities: enhanced creativity, concentration, memorization and comprehension.


is the founder and owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice, and creator of the Women’s Empowerment Series events and TV show, the Speaker Talent Search, Talk Radio Show Host and Guest Training Programs, and Rebecca’s Money Summit. She is an in-demand speaker, expert money coach and a frequent guest expert on success panels, telesummits, TV and radio shows.

As the CEO of RHG Media Productions™, Rebecca recently launched an international TV channel called Empowered ConnectionsTV ™ (powered by VoiceAmericaTV) bringing transformational TV shows and programming to the world. She is a popular Voice America Radio Show Host, whose show was recently rated #1 on the Women’s Channel of VoiceAmerica. She is a #1 best-selling author (3 best-selling books) with over 14 years experience in the financial industry, growing multiple 6-figure businesses and practices. She has received awards for her sales expertise, networking skills, and transformational coaching.


was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Italy where she worked with family restaurateurs in Rome. She brings her international experience and her own special flair to Salute e Vita. She is the recipient of the Contra Costa 2009 Business Women of the year.

As a role model in the community, Aklilu gives back by hosting dinner for the young women of the Delta Academy who do well in school. She also finances tuition for some girls to attend Northern Lights School in Oakland, a private school that caters to kids who would not be able to attend private school otherwise.

kevin harrington from shark tank

Kevin Harrington is an American entrepreneur and business executive. Harrington is the founder of As Seen On TV. He has appeared on the television series Shark Tank and the American annual invention trade show Inpex 2012 as Keynote Speaker

John, Kilam Lucas, Lawyer and Richard Quinn

John Perkins, HEDDA AND Kilam LUCAS

John Perkins (born January 28, 1945) is an American author. His best known book is Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2004), in which Perkins claims to have played a role in an alleged process of economic colonization of Third World countries on behalf of what he portrays as a cabal of corporations, banks, and the United States government. This book spent more than 70 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, has been published in at least 32 languages, and is used in many college and university programs

austrian Spiritual teacher, thomas HüebL

At age 26 he followed a strong inner call and retired for four years to the Czech Republic. There he devoted himself almost exclusively to meditation and the exploration of inner spaces of consciousness. During this time Thomas Huebl experienced a fundamental inner opening.

After this transformation, he returned to Vienna and gave individual sessions that touched many people deeply and encouraged them to look behind their habits and patterns into their essence.


KIMI AVARY, MA, Relationship Expert

Speaker, Author, Coach, Relationship Navigation Expert and Founder of the Conscious Couples Network.

Dr. vera singelton and Kimi avary

Dr. Vera Singelton. "I am a graduate of and assisted the Research Chair at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in cutting-edge research of Astragalus’  effect on genetic expression and immunity published in The FASEB Journal.  My passion was also heavily involved in advancing awareness and gaining legislative recognition in the Naturopathic profession throughout Arizona and on the national level in Washington DC. I am a member of:  California Naturopathic Doctor’s Association, and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.   My Alumni includes University of Michigan-B.S. in Biopsychology and Wayne State University-Masters in Business Administration.

Michael fitzpatrick, cello virtuoso soloist

Hailed by The New York Times as possessing “A sense of humor, virtuosity, and an ear for musical dialogue”, Michael Fitzpatrick has shared the stage with His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama for the past 17 years as part of the TUNING THE PLANET recording/film/performance platform he is spearheading.  He is the recipient of The Prince Charles Award for Outstanding Musicianship conferred by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.

A wonderful evening at my dear friend Diane WeberShapiro's home in the Berkeley hills at Michael's private concert shared with dear Carolyn Bourns and Marianne Tatasciore.

My dear friend and soul sister Jill Lublin 

jill lublin

With 200+ speaking engagements each year, master publicity strategist and consultant, and bestselling author, Jill Lublin, consistently wows audiences worldwide with her entertaining and interactive keynotes, seminars, and training programs on publicity, networking, and influence marketing.

Jill has shared her powerful networking and publicity strategies on the stages of Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Loral Langemeier, Richard Simmons, and many others. Additionally, thousands of people have attended her popular “Crash Course in Publicity”, which she teaches live several times a month at locations around the U.S. and Canada, as well as a live online webinar.

my book publisher raymond aaron at my book launch in los angeles

Raymond, has committed his life to teaching people how to dramatically change their lives for the better. Raymond transforms lives by helping people tap into their own potential.

Raymond Aaron has shared his vision and wisdom on radio and television programs for over 20 years. He is the author of 8 best-selling books, including Branding Small Business For Dummies, Double Your Income Doing What You Love and the co-author of New York Times best-seller Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul and author of the Canadian best-seller, Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul. He is also an avid adventurer having completed one of the world’s toughest races, Polar Race (a 350 mile foot race to the Magnetic North Pole).  This trek to the North Pole has inspired his newest title, How You Can Get Rich Without Getting Cold.

Princess Monique and Friends 

Princess just completed forming a non-profit organization called "La Princessas Inc" which teaches teen girls to be mentees and mentors to other girls. 

The San Francisco Black Film Festival where she not only won 1st place for best short, she received the top honor, The Melvin Van Pebbles Award, for best overall film and best director

Princess just finished her directorial TV & feature film debut Seasons of Love, starring Gladys Knight, Method Man & Letoya Luckett. She had the privileged to associate produce this film along side executive producer Taraji P. Henson. Seasons of Love can be seen this holiday season on A&E 's Lifetime television for women.

hedda adler and Kristen Eykel in Los Angeles

She is a globe-trotting supermodel & TV Host in Los Angeles, who knows the Beauty and Commercial/ Entertainment Industry from the inside out. Her international modeling career in Paris, Tokyo, London & Milan inspired her true sense of self-worth beyond just her image in magazines such as French Vogue, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Maxim. Years of communicating to audiences worldwide have made Kristen an empowering and stimulating teacher and public speaker who has touched countless people with her vitality and enthusiasm. A frequent contributor to Voice America Radio, Kristen represents Total Woman Gym+ Day Spas as a Yoga Expert/Media Spokesperson and has been featured in and on the cover of Yoga Journal, Health Magazine, Fit Pregnancy, Dance Magazine, Healthwise, and Healthy Living. Kristen has been interviewed by numerous media outlets for her unique expertise and is a contributor to The Chicago Tribune,,, and MyYogaOnline/


my "Ageless" Book Signing Party 

Thank you wonderful friends, clients and new beautiful spirits on my life path, honoring me on this special day to celebrate this "Milestone with your presents, support and love. Sending each of you appreciation and blessings - from my heart to yours.   Hedda

Peter Giddings

My friend Peter has a passion for vintage and historic racing that goes back to the era of analog, and cars that most definitely have never known the meaning of electronic aids.


Frank Shankwitz co-founder Of the Make-A-Wish Foundation


Daven Michaels

CEO of Smart Outsourcing

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  Hedda Adler is an international speaker, award-winning author, wellness mentor and skin-care expert. She is expanding and deepening the idea of longevity and exposing the deficiencies of our current “aging beliefs.”

  She is a recipient of the C.I.D.E.S.C.O.* Diplomat Certification Award; the world’s most prestigious International Certification Award in Aesthetics. Hedda mastered the arts of Skin Care, Health and Wellness in her home country of Germany, as well as in France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. She has attracted a large and loyal following throughout her 40 years of supporting tens of thousands of women worldwide not only to look and feel their best, but to mentally and physically turn back “the aging clock.” Hedda is a leader in the increasingly significant shift in beliefs and attitudes that she calls “The Ageless Living Revolution.”

  She is the founder of the large MeetUp group, Courageous Women in Transition: A Miraculous Life At Any Age. Hedda is a mother and grandmother and is currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

*Comité International d'Esthétique et de Cosmétologie


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